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Welcome To PinegroveTownhomes.com

Welcome to the internet home of Pinegrove Townhomes, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our community is nestled quietly into the south end of Myrtle Beach and is comprised of 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums.

If you are looking to relocate to the Myrtle Beach area, or if you are just planning to visit, feel free to browse the site at your leisure. You may find some useful information in our Available Units Section or the About Pinegrove Section. If you have any questions, or would like to request information, you can reach someone here.

Renovations Complete. Pool Set To Open.

Pool Renovations Are Complete !!! Just in time for the Summer season, the pool area is finally complete. Works crews resurfaced the pool deck, fixed minor issues within the pool, repaired weather damage to the Pool House, and gave everything a new coat of paint. The new color scheme brings the pool area inline with the rest of the Property which was completed earlier in the year.

The pool is scheduled to open Saturday, May 30th. Details on pool tags, hours of operations, and rules/regulations will be posted here in the days to come. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns on the work done in the Pool area, feel free to contact Jeff Frost.

While We’re Talking About The Pool…..

A recently released memo issued by the HOA had this to say about the upcoming pool season:

During last year’s pool season we had several problems with the residents not adhering to the pool’s area rules. Some of the violations included: bringing alcoholic beverages disguised as colas or tea, wearing cut-offs and tee-shirts instead of swimming suits, using nail polish while on the deck, refusing to wear the required identifications bracelets, playing loud music to the annoyance of others, using inappropriate language and ignoring the Pool Monitor’s requests, to name a few. Please be aware, and make your tenants aware, that the pool is private property and that the HOA will NOT tolerate any infraction whatsoever. Anyone refusing to abide by the Rules will be banned from the facilities for the entire season, and the Police will be called if necessary.

A copy of the Pinegrove Pool Rules and Regulations can be FOUND HERE.

Pool Renonvations Underway

Renovations are planned to resume on the pool deck as soon as weather permits. The process of re-surfacing the area around the pool has been underway for several months. Poor weather conditions and unexpected repairs have lengthened the expected time frame; however, all work is expected to be done in time for the Pool to open around it’s usual time.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tim Chestnut.

Pinegrove Paint Job

Pinegrove has finally gotten a new paint job. The final brush strokes came in the Fall, as some last second repairs and touch-ups were necessary. While the idea of such a change as been talked about for over a decade, it took the HOA until last year to finally get the job completed. Initial response has been positive, as most people believe it lightens up the area.

New Paint Job

New Paint Job
New Paint Job

New Paint Job
New Paint Job

New Paint Job

New Paint Job
New Paint Job

New Paint Job
New Paint Job

New Paint Job
New Paint Job

New Paint Job

Yard Sale Rules and Regulations

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes good Yard Sale weather. Whether it’s a moving sale or Spring cleaning, a Yard Sale is a good way to make money from those things you no longer want in your home. Yard Sales are allowed within Pinegrove; however, there are a few small guidelines that need to be observed.

* Date and Time. You will need to inform either Tim Chestnut or HOA board member of your planned date and time. This will allow them to arrange for someone to open and close the front gate during the times of your event. In some rare instances, the HOA may have a conflict with the date, but this is usually due to a Property wide event already being planned. This could be something like paving the driveway or having the Yard Crew out. Things of this nature don’t happen very often, but by letting the HOA/Tim know, you can cut down on any conflicts.

*Tables / Displays. You will responsible for your own tables, displays, and setups. Unfortunately, Pinegrove does not have these sorts of items on hand for loan. The use of any tables or chairs from the pool area is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

*Advertising. Signs are allowed to be placed; however, the use of nails on any wooden surface is prohibited. Tape or straps are allowed. You are responsible for learning and adhering to any and all City sign ordinances. Pinegrove is not responsible for any signs that are removed by the City of Myrtle Beach.

*Post Sale. You are responsible for all clean up and trash removal in the area effected by your event. Please do not throw away large amounts of items that simply did not sell. Local charities or aid groups can use these items. Piles of debris or a clogged dumpster is something we cannot use.

If you have any questions, contact Tim and he can walk you through the process.

As far as preparing for your yard sale:

* Make sure you plan for a back-up date, just in case of bad weather on your first choice. Some people plan to avoid holiday weekends, while others prefer to have their Yard Sale while large numbers of tourists are in town. There is no one correct answer.

* Advertise. Use various methods to advertise your sale. Social media is a real big deal now. Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, and all the others can be a fantastic tool to get the word out. Don’t forget your local paper. There are a large number of people who still use the local weekend edition of the paper to find Yard Sales. It does cost money to have your ad listed, but it can pay off in the long run.

* Signs. Signs are fantastic to place, but be very careful where you hang them. The City of Myrtle Beach has very strict rules on what and where a sign can be placed. Standard sized paper ads in the local stores and on bulletin boards is a very good idea as well.

* Display Your Clothes. Make sure to wash and fold any clothes that you may have for sale. Try to keep same sizes together.

* Boxes. If something is in a box, you may want to take the item out and place it beside the box. People will sometimes over look an item rather than open a box. Furthermore, you don’t want your box to become damaged just because a lot of people handled it throughout the day.

* Change. Make sure you have plenty of small bills and/or coins to make change for a purchase. Plan ahead. Get extra $1′s and $5′s.

* Start Early. The early bird gets the worm and that especially applies to a Yard Sale. Most of the dedicated crowd will be out at Sunrise. You will most likely see most of your people within the first 3 hours after the Sun comes up.

Hope this information helps when you are planning your next Yard Sale.

Rules For Christmas Decorations

Below are a few friendly reminders from the HOA on the displaying of Christmas lights/decorations:

1.) Items must be hung with the proper types of hooks. Nails ARE NOT PERMITTED on outside walls.

2.) Electric decorations must be made “For Outdoor Use” and be installed with the proper precautions.

3.) ALL decorations must be removed by January 15th.

Change In Montly Pest Control Service


Due to the Holiday Season, the pest control dates for November and December have changed. Monthly Pest Control Services will be performed on Thursday, November 13th and Thursday, December 18th. Please plan accordingly so that the exterminator can have access to your unit.

If you have any questions, please call Tim Chestnut at 843.902.2797.

Thank You To Our Vets, Past and Present

Veterans day

Veterans day

For all those who currently serve or have served in the past:


On Tuesday, Nov. 11, the country will mark Veterans Day — a day to honor those who have served in the Armed Forces.

The following agencies will be closed Tuesday for Veterans Day:

Town halls, S.C.

• Andrews

• Georgetown

• Myrtle Beach

• Pawleys Island

• Surfside Beach

Government offices

• Brunswick County, N.C.

• Georgetown County

• Horry County

Postal Service

• All branches


• Brunswick Southport, N.C.

• Chapin Memorial

• Georgetown County branches

• Horry County branches


• Anderson Brothers Bank

• BB&T

• Bank of America

• BNC Bank

• Carolina Bank

• Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union

• Coastal Carolina National Bank

• Conway National Bank

• Crescom Bank

• First Citizens Bank

• First Palmetto Bank

• Horry County State Bank


• Palmetto Heritage Bank and Trust

• PNC Bank

• People’s Community Bank

• Sandhills Bank

• South Atlantic Bank

• South State Bank

• Tidelands

• Wells Fargo

Other services

• Coast RTA | Administrative offices will be closed.

• South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

Pinegrove Homeowners Annual Meeting Sept. 11, 2014

The Annual Pinegrove Homeowners Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 11th, 2014. This years meeting will be held at the Pinegrove HOA Meeting Area (the pool house) and will start at 6:00 PM.

Homeowners should have received a packet of information, including your Certificate of Appointment and HOA Board Nomination Form, around the middle of August. If you did not receive your packet, please contact Tim Chestnut immediately. This meeting will cover the business aspects of Pinegrove (both old and new) as well as elect FIVE new board members.

ALL Homeowners are encouraged to attend. This is your chance to meet (and elect) your HOA Board members, get an overall update on the property, suggest/vote on rules and regulations and have an opportunity to meet your fellow Pinegrove homeowners.

If you have any questions, need missing forms, or require any further information, please contact Tim Chestnut at 843-902-2797.